Tenders and Offers

Here you will find information on current tenders and offers from the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Community Pharmacy Software Industry Partnership Offer

This Offer was open from 3 February and closed on Monday 20 March, 6pm AEDT.

For more information about the pharmacy offer, please email Communitydispensingsystems@digitalhealth.gov.au

We recognise the place of quality medicines information for people’s health and wellbeing in the day-to-day, and in the transfer of care between settings. This is why we want to ensure community pharmacists can access people's health records, and also share the vital information they hold with patients and their other clinicians.

The Agency is partnering with community pharmacy dispensing software providers, to enhance their products to allow viewing and uploading to the My Health Record system. We also want this sector to use Australian Medicines Terminology to enhance the quality and interoperability of medicines information.

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Secure Messaging Proof of Concept Projects Request for Tender

The Australian Digital Health Agency invites industry providers delivering secure messaging, clinical information system/applications suppliers and end users to collaborate with the Agency on national implementation projects. The projects will prove the concept and demonstrate a working model for three key use cases to progress the adoption of secure messaging capabilities across the health sector in Australia.

Suppliers and partners will need to establish and work within a consortium to deliver secure messaging capabilities across different healthcare settings.

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