Backups – Prepare for an emergency

Having an effective system for data backup and recovery is an essential preventive activity for every healthcare provider, to ensure service availability and continuity.

The blood service keeps a supply of blood products for emergency medical use. Like the blood service, you never know when you will need your backups to revive your business.

Having a robust backup regime can help healthcare providers protect the personal information they hold and help meet privacy obligations. An organisation which has tested backups, where the backup process works as expected is in a better position to recover from a range of incidents such as theft, natural disasters, hardware failure, power outages, fire, lost devices and malware attacks.

Learn more about backups in our guidance paper which helps explains backup basics, and provides practical guidance on minimising the impact of an incident to support a timely return to normal operations.

Download: Backups - prepare for an emergency (PDF, 497 KB)

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