Cloud Services Guide - Considerations for healthcare organisations

The Agency’s cloud services guide is for healthcare organisations to assist in assessing whether engaging a cloud service provider (CSP) is appropriate for their business needs.

It covers some of the benefits and implications of implementing cloud services but does not take the place of conducting other due diligence processes such as conducting risk assessments, obtaining legal advice and assessing the financial viability of the CSP.

When considering cloud services, it is important to consider whether the cloud solution not only meets your business needs but also your security requirements and legal obligations.

Like all ICT, using cloud computing is a question of taking advantage of the benefits while managing the potential risks.

The Agency’s cloud guidance paper helps explain cloud services and some of the factors an organisation can consider if thinking of moving any of their in sourced information technology infrastructure, services or applications to the cloud:

Download: Cloud Services - Considerations for Healthcare Organisations (PDF, 702KB)

For additional information security guidance see: