2016-17 Annual Report

Australian Digital Health Agency annual report cover
This Annual Report describes the operations and performance of the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) during 2016-17. The report was prepared in accordance with legislated reporting requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and other Commonwealth legislation including the My Health Records Act 2012.

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The 2016-17 Australian Digital Health Agency Annual Report is available in PDF format to accurately reflect the printed original. File size is noted.

Download: Australian Digital Health Agency Annual Report 2016-17 (PDF, 5MB)

2016-17 Annual Report Content Menu

Preliminary Pages

Letter of Transmittal

Chair’s message

Chief Executive Officer’s review

Part 1 – Introduction and overview

Introduces the Agency, and provides an overview of its operations, its achievements in 2016-17, and priorities for 2017-18.

The Agency ‘at a glance’

The path ahead – outlook for 2017-18

Part 2 – Performance

Details the Agency’s performance against work plan priorities captured in its 2016-17 Corporate Plan and against Ministerial targets published in the Health Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17. It also addresses reporting obligations under the My Health Records Act 2012.

Annual performance statement

Performance against our purpose

Annual work plan priorities from the corporate plan 2016-17

Performance targets from the Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17

Part 3 – Management and accountability

Discusses the Agency’s governance arrangements, external scrutiny, human resources and mandatory reporting obligations concerning workplace health and safety, advertising and market research, ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance.

Corporate governance

External scrutiny

Additional reporting requirements under the PGPA Rule 2014

Human resources management

Mandatory reporting requirements under various Commonwealth legislation

Corrections to previous annual report

Part 4 – Financial statements

Includes the Report by the Auditor-General and the Agency’s Financial Statements for 2016-17.

Financial summary

ANAO report

Financial Statements 2016-17

Part 5 – Navigation aids

Contains references to assist the reader to use the report – an index of compliance with annual report content requirements, and a list of abbreviations and acronyms.

Annual Report compliance index

Acronyms and abbreviations