Human resources management

The Agency’s people are its most valuable asset. They are at the heart of its ability to deliver on the performance expectations of ministerial, health sector and community stakeholders. They have backgrounds and skills in healthcare, health informatics and IT, and a range of other disciplines. The Agency recognises the strength in their diversity.

As a dual staffing body, the Agency is empowered to employ staff under the Public Service Act 1999 Act as well as under its own enabling legislation, the Agency Rule. At 30 June 2017, the Agency employed 247 staff across both those arrangements (199 permanent and 48 temporary). Those staff were based in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra, with a small Melbourne office concluding operations before the end of 2016-17 reporting period.

The Agency is committed to investing in staff development both formally, through targeted external training opportunities and informally, through in-house learning initiatives supported by knowledge management and information sharing systems and processes. Development needs are identified through the Agency’s performance management framework which links individual behaviours and performance to Agency objectives.

Workforce planning is underway to ensure that the Agency’s capability and resources are coordinated and leveraged, both now and in the future. This planning includes an environmental analysis and risk assessment to identify any gaps between current and future workforce needs, with a particular focus on building a team that is appropriately skilled to support the opt-out initiative for My Health Record participation.