Peak Health Bodies

The Agency works with many organisations to drive useful and usable digital health products and services that improve health care for all Australians. In working with health care organisations, consumers and industry we seek to:

  • Engage in genuine co-design of digital health priorities

Understand what Australians want and expect from a modern health care system;

  • Generate a positive and constructive discussion about how data and technology can be used to create happier and healthier lives; and
  • Build a sense of common purpose among individuals, health professionals, the technology sector and the science and research community.

We work with many different types of health and care organisations:

  • Peak representative organisations like medical colleges and professional associations;
  • Specific sector groups, like those that understand privacy, research and insights, rural and remote issues, indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse needs;
  • Regional health care organisations like PHNs;
  • Jurisdiction information and communication and clinical safety and quality departments;
  • Consumer representative organisations like those supporting carers, consumers and specific diseases or conditions;

If you or your organisation would like to be involved, or more involved, with digital health, contact us at [email protected] to find out more.