GS1Locatenet is an electronic Global Location Number (GLN) Directory Service that enables the exchange of quality location information between trading partners in the healthcare sector.

This location information is disseminated from a central, validated, electronic source, supported and administered by GS1 Australia.

The GLN is a 13-digit globally unique, standard number (supported by GS1 worldwide) for standardised identification of:

  • Trading entities (e.g. manufacturers, wholesalers, hospitals, state health departments etc.)
  • Ship-to and ship-from locations, and
  • Pricing locations

GLNs identify any legal, operational or physical location and are particularly important for the rollout of the Agency eProcurement solution where they are used in the messaging to identify ordering party, supplier, ship-to location and billing address.

GS1 Locatenet is the result of an ongoing partnership between GS1 Australia and the Agency.

Global Location Numbers (GLNs)

  • Used by all public health jurisdictions
  • 8500+ GLNs are now loaded and maintained
  • GLNs are for eMessaging, National Product Catalogue (NPC) and physical location identification
  • GS1 Locatenet is now the primary communication method for Global Location Number (GLN) changes
  • Private hospital networks, wholesalers and other buyers are now loading Global Location Numbers (GLNs)
  • Suppliers are communicating accurate Global Location Number (GLN) data to their trading partners

Key Benefits of GS1 Locatenet are:

  • GS1 Locatenet provides a central source of location data using globally unique, standard GLNs as identification keys
  • Ability to create and maintain unlimited Global Location Number (GLN) records online
  • Accuracy and completeness of information through validation of key data rules
  • Complete audit trail of all new GLN records added and all changes made to existing records
  • Unlimited access to Global Location Number (GLN) data with the ability to create multiple company users with various levels of access
  • Automatic alerts sent to you when a Trading Partner makes a change to their GLN records – and vice versa
  • Flexible and comprehensive search engine
  • Ability to download Global Location Number (GLN) records in a simple Excel spreadsheet
  • Help Desk support from GS1 Australia

GS1 Locatenet for Healthcare

GS1 Locatenet is a central repository that enables the exchange of location information between trading partners in the health sector.

The GS1 Locatenet solution supports the National Product Catalogue by replacing the current manual processes used by healthcare providers to communicate NPC price locations to suppliers.

Due to the move towards the greater use of e-messaging and improved supply chain management, Global Location Number (GLN) management has become an increasing issue in healthcare.

GLN's are globally unique 13 digit reference numbers used to identify price-point and ship-to locations and are allocated by health authorities to hospitals, area health services and private healthcare providers. This location data also cascades down to hospital ward and even ward imprest locations within hospitals.

Benefits provided by GS1 LocateNet for Healthcare include:

  • Easier, faster and more accurate eProcurement processes; and

  • The Agency eProcurement solution use of Global Location Numbers (GLN's) to identify the ordering party, supplier, ship-to location and billing address.