Recall Health

Recall Health, developed in conjunction with GS1 Australia, industry bodies, suppliers, buyers and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), is an integral component of the Digital Health Supply Chain reform agenda: a standardised, industry-driven communication tool utilising secure and efficient electronic processes for real-time product recall and withdrawal notification within the healthcare sector.

Recall Health has implementations progressing across jurisdictions, private hospital groups and suppliers. To date approximately 4% of total recalls and notifications are being electronically delivered and reported via Recall Health.

Recall Health Mission

To deliver an electronic product recall notification system in the Australian healthcare sector, through a phased approach, to improve the speed and accuracy of the therapeutic goods recall process with the aim of improving patient safety.

The Need

Each year in Australia there are over 750 Therapeutic Goods recalls – the majority of them related to medical devices. Some of the costs that could be incurred by public and private healthcare providers when recalls are communicated ineffectively or where recall data is not accessible in real time include:

  • Surgical procedures for implantable devices may need to be re-done
  • Planned procedures might need to be re-scheduled causing delays and costs
  • Prolonged hospital stays and costs
  • Administration of drugs that could cause adverse reactions
  • Use of medical equipment (that is subject to recall) that could potentially harm a patient or a healthcare provider.


Recall Health delivers the following benefits to private and public healthcare providers:

  • Faster notification of recalls and non-recall notices from sponsors, enabling prompt action to remove affected products from the supply chain
  • More accurate information available to healthcare providers
  • Standardised reporting across the state
  • Greater management visibility of recalls, enabling more informed decision making and public comment
  • Email and SMS notifications for more effective alerts
  • Nationwide initiative, standardising processes and procedures
  • Greater visibility of returned and corrected goods leading to more accurate refunds and replacements
  • System to system integration, removing data entry and administration time