Alignment of United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) for Australian Healthcare

The Agency is putting data and technology to work for patients and the healthcare professionals who look after them. Medical product information is a key component of this and ensuring the health system has access to medical products at the time and location they need it is key enabler to a digital health system. An accurate system to order, track and recall medical products will help us achieve this and improve the quality of healthcare in Australia.

The Agency is pleased to announce a collaboratively endorsed position on version 19 of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), where UNSPSC is used across the Australian healthcare industry.

While there are a broad range of code sets available, UNSPSC is the predominant code set for procurement and supply chain. It provides an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient and accurate classification of products and services. The commitment to standardise on a single version (rather than the multiple versions currently in use) should reduce costs in maintaining product data and result in more reliable data analysis.

This agreement is a result of collaboration with the industry as part of the Agency’s supply chain reform. This reform is an important part of our work in driving the digital transformation of Australian healthcare and can only be successfully achieved by working in partnership with the healthcare sector, industry and consumers.

Trading partners can now request UNSPSC version 19 as part of their process of updating procurement and supply chain systems, with an expected six-month transition period.

Download: Full United Nations Standard Products and Services Code Position (UNSPSC) Statement PDF (814 kB)