Who is using digital health?

Software products using digital health

A number of software products used by healthcare organisations support digital health functions, including Medical Director, Fred IT, MedTech32, smartclinics, Genie, Best Practice, and more. You will also find the Register of Conformity here.

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Public hospitals and health services connected to the My Health Record system

There are now over 5,000 general practice and 1,000 community pharmacies using the My Health Record system. Over 500 public hospitals and health services across Australia are connected to the My Health Record system and sending discharge summaries for patients with a My Health Record, with more connecting every month.

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Private hospitals My Health Record Rapid Integration Programme

The Agency is working with the following private hospital organisations to support their connectivity to the My Health Record system to enable viewing and/or clinical document upload capability within their hospital facilities.

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For more information, please visit the My Health Record website.

Diagnostic imaging and pathology providers uploading to the My Health Record

A number of public hospitals have now commenced uploading pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports to the My Health Record. Other State and Territories will commence uploading these reports over the next few months. Private pathology and imaging providers are also coming on board.

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