#Share is our monthly bulletin designed to keep you in touch with Australia’s digital health scene. We want to highlight our digital health partnerships with patients, citizens, frontline clinicians, industry and the research community that are helping improve the health and wellbeing of every Australian.

We want to share how we are together putting data and technology best to work for all Australians, and making progress on delivery of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure: Evolving Health and Care to Meet the Needs of Modern Australia.

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Share: March 2018

Welcome to our March issue of Share! This month we invite you to find out how you can participate in implementation of the National Digital Health Strategy and to share your views on the Framework for Action.

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Share: February 2018

"Consultation, collaboration and co-production" is a bit of a mantra here at the Australian Digital Health Agency. Implementing Australia's National Digital Health Strategy is not so much something that we do as something that we facilitate, in collaboration with stakeholders across Australia.

A preliminary part of any collaboration is of course to talk freely and exchange viewpoints and ideas. Dr Steve Hambleton and Agency CEO Tim Kelsey met with a number of stakeholder groups in Western Australia earlier this month, and we also report on recent conversations with the RACGP's Dr Nathan Pinskier, and Prince of Wales's Dr Andrew Hugman in this issue.

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Share: January 2018

Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure is a strategy for all of us. The work of implementing the strategy in 2018 will be the result of consultation, collaboration and co-production.

This year, we will be delivering the first priority of the strategy: the national expansion of My Health Record.

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Share: December 2017

This month Morto and Tiger tell us how My Health Record has improved their lives. Meanwhile, pharmacists, pathology labs and diagnostic imaging services are going digital.

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Share: November 2017

Welcome to our new monthly bulletin, #Share.

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