Personal Health Summary v1.0.1

EP-1751:2014 Personal Health Summary v1.0.1
Continuity of Care
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Identifier Name Date
EP-1751:2014 Personal Health Summary v1.0.1 18-08-2014
EP-0933:2012 Consumer Entered Health Summary v1.0 27-06-2012

Personal Health Summary documents allow an individual to store their contact details, information about allergies and adverse reactions, and any medications they may be taking as part of their digital health record.

Such documents can be used in consultation with the individual’s healthcare provider to help gather health information from the individual.  

NOTE: This document type was previously referred to as "Consumer Entered Health Summary". The current name reflects the naming in the My Health Record system.


Product Components of Personal Health Summary v1.0.1

Product Components of Personal Health Summary v1.0.1
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-0948:2011 Consumer Entered Health Summary - CDA Implementation Guide plus Addendum v1.0 16-12-2011
NEHTA-0949:2011 Consumer Entered Health Summary - Executive Summary v1.0 21-12-2011
NEHTA-0950:2011 Consumer Entered Health Summary - Information Requirements v1.0 23-11-2011
NEHTA-0952:2011 Consumer Entered Health Summary - Structured Content Specification v1.0 15-12-2011
NEHTA-1777:2014 Personal Health Summary - Release Note v1.0.1 18-08-2014
NEHTA-1776:2014 Personal Health Summary - Template Package Library v1.0 18-08-2014