Event Summary v1.4

EP-1817:2015 Event Summary v1.4
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Identifier Name Date
EP-1961:2014 Event Summary v1.3.3 31-12-2014
EP-1749:2014 Event Summary v1.3.2 18-08-2014
EP-1590:2014 Event Summary v1.3.1 05-05-2014
EP-1430:2013 Event Summary v1.3 09-10-2013
EP-0939:2012 Event Summary v1.2 26-09-2012

Event Summary documents are used to capture key health information about significant healthcare events that are relevant to the ongoing care of an individual.

Event Summary documents can be submitted to an individual’s digital health record by any participating organisation.

For example, an Event Summary document could be submitted by an after-hours GP clinic, an emergency department, an outpatient clinic, a community pharmacy or an allied health clinic.

Product Components of Event Summary v1.4

Product Components of Event Summary v1.4
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-1846:2015 Event Summary - CDA Implementation Guide v1.3 10-04-2015
NEHTA-1845:2015 Event Summary - Information Requirements v1.2 10-04-2015
NEHTA-1844:2015 Event Summary - PCEHR Conformance Profile v1.4 10-04-2015
NEHTA-1921:2014 Event Summary - PCEHR Usability Recommendations v1.1 31-12-2014
NEHTA-1842:2015 Event Summary - Release Note v1.4 10-04-2015
NEHTA-1847:2015 Event Summary - Structured Content Specification v1.2 10-04-2015
NEHTA-1843:2015 Event Summary - Template Package Library v1.4 10-04-2015