Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.1

EP-1472:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.1
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One of the key foundations for a national approach to eHealth is a standard process across the health sector to consistently identify everyone involved in a healthcare event:

  • Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) for individuals receiving healthcare services
  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) for healthcare providers and other healthcare personnel involved in providing patient care
  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) for organisations that deliver healthcare (such as hospitals or medical practices).

Please visit the DHS Medicare website for more information.

Product Components of Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.1

Product Components of Healthcare Identifiers Service v1.1.1
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-1409:2013 HI Client Library - Product Data Sheet v1.0 25-09-2013
NEHTA-1077:2012 Healthcare Identifier Service - Business Use Cases v2.3 24-09-2012
NEHTA-1161:2010 Healthcare Identifier Service - Communications Plan v1.0 07-10-2010
NEHTA-1163:2010 Healthcare Identifier Service - Concept of Operations v2.0 08-06-2010
NEHTA-1079:2011 Healthcare Identifier Service - Conformance Assessment Scheme v3.0 03-05-2011
NEHTA-1078:2012 Healthcare Identifier Service - Conformance Test Specification v2.0 22-10-2012
NEHTA-1062:2011 Healthcare Identifier Service - FAQ HI Connection Steps v1.0 19-09-2011
NEHTA-1063:2011 Healthcare Identifier Service - FAQ PKI Certificate requirements for access to the HI Service v1.0 19-09-2011
NEHTA-1162:2009 Healthcare Identifier Service - Individual Healthcare Identifiers Business Requirements v1.0 23-11-2009
NEHTA-1190:2009 Healthcare Identifier Service - Q&A for Healthcare Identifiers v1.0 22-07-2009
NEHTA-1189:2009 Healthcare Identifier Service - Service Business Use Case Catalogue v1.0 19-11-2009
NEHTA-1080:2012 Healthcare Identifier Service - Use of Healthcare Identifiers in Health Software Systems Conformance Requirements v2.0 22-10-2012
NEHTA-1164:2012 Healthcare Identifier Service - User Guide for Practice Managers v1.0 21-03-2012
NEHTA-1369:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service - FAQ HI Service Vendor Q and A v1.0 27-06-2013
NEHTA-1471:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service - Release Note v1.1.1 26-09-2013
NEHTA-1374:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service - Vendor Library .net HI Client v1.2.0 18-06-2013
NEHTA-1376:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service - Vendor Library HI Client WSDL v1.3.0 25-06-2013
NEHTA-1375:2013 Healthcare Identifiers Service - Vendor Library Java HI Client v1.3.0 24-06-2013