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My Health Record for adults

Your health information securely stored online.


Andrew's My Health Record story

With a day job as a horse farrier and a passion for rodeos, Andrew has a list of injuries longer than his lasso. As Andrew’s doctor explains, having a detailed medical history on hand can be critical in helping someone like Andrew get back on his feet.

See how My Health Record helps Andrew

Getting started

Re-registering for a record

If you opted out of having a My Health Record and change your mind in future, you can register for one at anytime.

New to Australia?

Every Australian citizen can have their own record to securely store their health information.

We also have information in other languages to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Learn about My Health Record in your language.

Your health information, the way you like it

My Health Record brings together health information from you, your healthcare providers and Medicare. This can include details of your medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, allergies, and test or scan results, all in one place. Healthcare providers like doctors, specialists and hospital staff may also be able to see your My Health Record when they need to, including in an accident or emergency.

Who can add information to my record?

Your healthcare providers can add health information to your record. Information also comes from Medicare and the Australian Immunisation Register.

You can add your own information that you think is important like allergies and general health notes. 

By adding information, you and your healthcare providers can have a more complete view of your overall health.

What information can be added to my record?

Healthcare providers can add prescription and dispense records, reports from scans and X-rays as well as immunisations, blood tests and more.

Life happens. If your health situation changes, you can plan for the future by adding an authorised representative to speak for you in emergencies or add your advance care planning wishes.

What are the benefits?

Help when you're unwell

  • Focus on your health, not your filing. Your record can be the place where you and your healthcare providers can store your medicines list, pathology reports and more. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your health and essential in helping your healthcare providers get a view of your overall health.

Help in an emergency

  • In emergencies, knowing up-to-date information is critical. Your record is available to you or healthcare providers anywhere, anytime. 

Help when you travel

  • Don’t leave your vital health information at home when you travel. Your record is accessible online, wherever you go. 

Help when you can't leave the house

  • Whether it’s due to COVID-19 or a crushing migraine, sometimes you just can’t leave the house. If you’re having a telehealth consultation, your doctor can access and update your record.


How secure is my record?

Patient confidentiality is built into the DNA of healthcare providers. The health information you choose to store in your record is protected by Australian laws and codes, secure logins, encryptions and more.

Who can access my record?

Your record can only be viewed by you, your healthcare providers and the people that you choose to share it with.

Advance care planning and goals of care​​

Have your say on your care and make sure your wishes are taken into consideration

It's important that your family know your preferences, that carers, doctors and nurses are informed and clear on your health and care wishes. In a situation when you are in emergency or unable to communicate, having this information available in My Health Record means it can be easily accessed in a timely way.

Once you’ve completed your document, upload it to My Health Record through myGov.

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