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My Health Record for children

You and your healthcare provider can securely store your little one's health information for access anywhere and anytime it's needed. 

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Sharon & Isaac's My Health Record story

As a busy mum of four, Sharon spends a lot of time looking after her children's health records. That includes her youngest son, Isaac, who has been in and out of hospital with skateboarding and other sporting injuries.

See how Sharon's family's records are kept up to date

Getting started

Your child’s My Health Record

One day they’re in nappies, the next they’re in high school. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your child’s growth. Fortunately, their key health information can be securely kept in their record and accessed at any time.

Who can add information to my child’s record?

You can allow your chosen healthcare providers to access your child's record and information. If you have a nominated representative, you can let them add information too.

What information can be added to my child’s record?

Some kids can't help but learn the hard way. Fortunately healthcare providers can add reports from scans and X-rays as well as immunisations, blood tests and more.

You can also track their growth and milestone developments, list any allergies and keep track of their medicines.

By adding more information, you and your healthcare providers can have a more complete view of your child's health, which may be needed as they grow. 

What are the benefits?

In emergencies, knowing that healthcare providers can access up-to-date information is critical. Your child's record is a place where their health information can be securely stored and accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • Part of a national system, My Health Record travels with you and your child  

  • Personally controlled - you have a say in what gets uploaded, what stays in your child’s record and who can see your child’s record  

  • Safe, secure and protected by law 

Monitor the changes in their health as they grow

Some kids learn by trial and error. And this can occasionally end up with a quick trip to the emergency room. If your child develops allergies, needs regular medicines or an X-ray, make sure your healthcare provider uploads the information to reflect the changes in their health. Having their key health information securely stored in one place makes finding it easier and faster. In an emergency, access to this information could save their life.


How secure is my child’s record?

Patient confidentiality is built into the DNA of healthcare providers. The information in your child's record is protected by Australian laws and codes, secure logins, encryptions and more.

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