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Couple dancing Woman at health consultation My Health Record Elderly

My Health Record for older Australians

Secure access to your important health information whenever you need it, especially in an emergency.

Terry portrait

Terry's My Health Record story

Terry was born with a hearing impairment and it's frustrating for him to have to repeat his medical conditions when he meets a new doctor. With My Health Record, Terry's doctors to stay up-to-date on his conditions without him having to say a word.

Watch how My Health Record helps Terry reclaim his independence

Getting started

Your health information, the way you like it

Your record is a place where your important health information can be securely stored. By having an up-to-date record, healthcare providers can get a more complete picture of your overall health, including any medicines you may be taking. Best of all, your information is available wherever you go so you don’t need to remember test dates, medicine names or dosages, or carry documents with you.

Who can add information to my record?

Information can be added to you record by your healthcare providers, Medicare, yourself and key people that you trust, including authorised representatives.

What information can be added to my record?

If your health situation changes, healthcare providers can update your record so that the most accurate information is available when you need it.

You can also add an allergy list, securely store your medicines list and more. You can plan for the future by adding an authorised representative to speak for you in emergencies or add your advanced care plan.

Your information, safe and in one place

With My Health Record, healthcare providers can access and upload health information including:

  • X-ray reports
  • medicines information
  • specialist letters
  • pathology reports

What are the benefits?

With most pharmacists uploading automatically, your record is a place where all your medicine information can be stored. Doctors can also see your medicines information, helping them make a more informed decision about your health.

  • Falls can happen more frequently as you get older. By having an up-to-date record, your healthcare providers can see a list of medicines you're taking, any allergies you may have or who to contact on your behalf.
  • In emergencies, your record can be the lifesaving voice that speaks for you if you can’t.​​​​​​

How secure is my record?

You can see details of who has accessed your My Health Record at any time. You can also set SMS or email notifications, so you know when your record has been accessed by a healthcare organisation for the first time.

Who can access my record?

Your record can be viewed your healthcare providers, you and the people that you choose to share it with.

Advance care planning and goals of care​​

Have your say on your care and make sure your wishes are taken into consideration

It's important that your family know your preferences, that carers, doctors and nurses are informed and clear on your health and care wishes. In a situation when you are in emergency or unable to communicate, having this information available in My Health Record means it can be easily accessed in a timely way.

Once you’ve completed your document, upload it to My Health Record through myGov.

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