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My Health Record for pregnant mums and newborns

During pregnancy you may see lots of different healthcare providers and get a range of blood tests and scans.

Not only can you and your healthcare providers keep track of your health information throughout your pregnancy, but having access to that information will give baby the best start to life.

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A newborn in lockdown

Sally, a mum of three, has peace of mind knowing her children’s vital health information is available to her healthcare providers, even when she can’t consult with them in person.

See why Sally keeps a record for her newborn

Getting started


Adrenaline, excitement and insomnia can make any new parent a little forgetful. When you register for Medicare, you can register your baby for their My Health Record in myGov.

Not only will you be able to see everything your healthcare provider uploads, you’ll be able store notes, track their development, add their medicines list and more. Their record is like a baby book, but instead of cute photos, there’s a picture of their health.

Who can add information to my newborn's record?

You can allow your chosen healthcare providers to access your bub's record and information. Parents or nominated representatives can also add information that you think is important.

What information can be added to my newborn's record?

A record is as unique as your newborn. Healthcare providers can add immunisations, blood tests and pathology, scans, medicines, discharge summaries from hospital and more.

You can also track their growth and milestone developments, list any allergies and keep track of their medicines.

By adding this information, you and your healthcare providers can have a more complete view of your newborn's health, which may be needed as they grow. 

What are the benefits?

In emergencies, knowing that healthcare providers can access up-to-date information is critical. Your newborn's record is a place where their health information can be securely stored and accessed anywhere, anytime.

Your newborn's record is:

  • part of a national system – My Health Record travels with you and your newborn  

  • personally controlled – you have a say in what gets uploaded, what stays in your newborn's record and who can see it 

  • safe, secure and protected by law.

Monitor the changes in their health as they grow

If your newborn develops allergies, needs regular medicines or an X-ray, make sure your healthcare provider uploads the information to reflect the changes in their health. With all the information securely stored in one place, finding it is easier and faster. And in an emergency, it could save your child's life.


How secure is my newborn's record?

Patient confidentiality is built into the DNA of healthcare providers. Your newborn's health information is protected by Australian laws and codes, secure logins, encryptions and more.

Taking care of your health during pregnancy 

Becoming a parent can be as hard on the mind as it is on the body. Your record can be used by all your healthcare providers and is a secure and convenient way to monitor your health information throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

You can also share information you think is important with your healthcare providers. 

  • Keep track of your medicines and reduce the chance of medicine-related mistakes
  • Store pathology reports and avoid unnecessary tests 
  • Keep all your diagnostic imaging reports in one place and reduce duplicate scans


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