COTA ACSA Governance in Aged Care, Sydney, 29-30 May 2019

Boards governing aged care providers are increasingly under scrutiny during this period of immense change for aged care providers. With the Royal Commission underway, providers are being called at short notice to provide evidence and account for the quality and safety of their service delivery. At the same time, the new Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission is paving the way towards accreditation against the new standards from July this year, with a specific focus on governance with Standard 8, and the government continues a reform agenda with a focus on consumer directed care. This event is being held at the Sydney Boulevard Hotel on the 29-30 May 2019.

To survive and thrive during this challenging time, boards need to be well informed of the current issues facing aged care providers and have the tools and frameworks in place to make effective decisions.

The Governance in Aged Care conference will address the role of board members, the relationship between the board and the management function, how best to engage with stakeholders and meet compliance and better manage risk for home and residential aged care.

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