Health Datapalooza 2017

Australian Digital Health Agency CEO Tim Kelsey will be attending the Health Datapalooza from Thursday 27 April – Friday 28 April in Washington DC.

Over 1,600 will be in attendance to learn about the pioneering innovations and new methods that are liberating data and creating actionable knowledge to improve health and health care.

Tim Kelsey will be taking part in the following sessions:

Date Details

Thursday 27 April 2017

Session 1.6 – Using Data to Drive Hospital Performance, Tim Kelsey co-moderating

Session 2.5 – Using Novel Data and Data Sources to Innovate in Public Health Surveillance, Tim Kelsey moderating

Session 3.2 – National Implementations of Patient-Facing mHealth Applications, Tim Kelsey participating on panel

Friday 28 April 2017

Session 5.5 – International Collaborations and Population Health, Tim Kelsey moderating

Panel Session – How Data Drives Business Transformations, Tim Kelsey participating on panel

Session 6.3 – International Technology Ecosystems, Tim Kelsey co-moderating