Webinar – Digital tools to enhance patient safety: the My Health Record system – 4 August 2017

Chief Medical Adviser Meredith Makeham will be taking part in the International Society for Quality in Health Care webinar ‘Digital tools to enhance patient safety: the My Health Record system’ on Friday 4 August.

This session will cover the existing literature on digital patient safety, presented by Farah Magrabi, then Australia’s My Health Record system, and the benefits we have identified from the system, presented by Meredith Makeham.


Wednesday 4 August 2017

Local Time

  • Sydney: 19:00
  • Dublin: 10:00
  • Rio de Janeiro: 06:00
  • Toronto: 05:00
  • Paris: 11:00
  • Accra: 09:00
  • Tokyo: 18:00
  • Moscow: 12:00
  • Singapore: 17:00
  • Taipei: 17:00
  • Dubai 13:00
  • Los Angeles: 02:00
  • New York: 05:00
  • Doha: 12:00
  • New Delhi: 14:30
  • Jeddah: 12:00
  • Riyadh: 12:00
  • Lagos: 10:00

How to register

You can register online for the webinar at the following link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4114087022214753538

About the Presenters

Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham is the Chief Medical Adviser of the Australian Digital Health Agency, where she leads initiatives to build the evidence base guiding the Agency’s workplan and future priorities. She is also a general practitioner in Sydney, with a research interest in patient safety in digital health and Primary Care. She has been involved in the clinical safety oversight of the My Health Record system since it commenced operation.

Farah Magrabi is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Health Informatics within the Australian Institute for Health Innovation at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She has a background in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and is passionate about ensuring the safety of IT in healthcare through good design and the appropriate application of technology. She is internationally recognised as a leader in the safety of health IT, and has made a major contribution to documenting the risks of IT to patient safety by examining incidents in Australia, the USA and England.