New eHealth Services for Healthcare Providers and Software Vendors

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) has released a number of new eHealth services for healthcare providers and software vendors.

NEHTA CEO Peter Fleming said that the foundations for a nationally connected eHealth system had been built and the new services will make it easier for healthcare providers and software vendors to connect to and use eHealth.

"The foundations are there and are being used across the country in GP clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical practices. Ultimately, we all want to see a critical mass of providers who are connected and meaningfully using eHealth to deliver better healthcare for patients.  These new services will help achieve this," Mr  Fleming said.

Apply for eHealth online

A new automated application tool is now available for healthcare providers to use when registering for eHealth.

NEHTA will act as the agent for HI, NASH and PCEHR applicants providing a total managed service throughout the eHealth application process. 

A joint initiative between NEHTA, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health, the new eHealth online forms service provides customer support, tips and advice for healthcare providers.

On demand eHealth training

Designed for clinicians and available on demand with no need to register, a new eHealth training service enables healthcare providers to familiarise themselves with the eHealth functions in their software.  Supporting guides and tools are also available.

Conformance, Compliance and Declaration for Software Vendors

The new Conformance, Compliance and Declaration (CCD) process released on 1 July 2015 improves the timeliness and affordability of connecting to the PCEHR for vendors by leveraging existing software development and processes within vendors and implementing organisations.  NEHTA is supporting vendors and implementers through expert staff advice, as well as an improved website and testing tools.


For more information contact Alison Sweeney Manager Media and Public Affairs 02 8298 2669 / 0414 187 350 [email protected]