Taking the guesswork out of pharmacy

My Health Record will break down the isolation many pharmacists and pharmacies feel they have from the broader healthcare community.

Tasmanian locum pharmacist Rachel Dienaar who has been linked to My Health Record though the Nubeena Pharmacy on Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula said until My Health Record arrived, community pharmacies had been operating in isolation from important patient clinical history, especially pathology and medical diagnosis. This meant that when dispensing some medications pharmacists were sometimes guessing or relying on the patient for what the actual diagnosis was.

"In that sense we can become more a part of, and included in, the health team which is essential," she said.

Rachel is an enthusiastic supporter of My Health Record, not just for what it can do now but for the potential she can see it has for the future.

"My Health Record is just fantastic because you can actually capture – not only from a pharmacist’s perspective, prescription medications – but also diagnostic information where there could be contraindications to the recommendations you are going to make.

"We need to give the best care possible for a patient. We need a complete set of information so we can have a more holistic approach. My Health Record can contribute significantly to that."