"My Health Record is a game changer"

Obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Liz Jackson believes My Health Record has been a game changer for her region.

Dr Jackson practices in Cairns, in North Queensland, where the opt-out trials took place and individuals had the opportunity to have a My Health Record automatically created for them – and where only 1.9% of the population opted-out.

“It's been the game changer for me in this region because everyone is in it,” says Liz.

“When a patient rings up now, the midwife looks at their My Health Record and we can plan what health services they require when they are coming in to have their baby. If it’s a potential emergency, we can schedule theatre and the right staff. With the paper record, we would not see that information until the patient walks in the door.”

One of Liz’s patients had the most complex pregnancy that she had dealt with for some years. The patient’s GP was using My Health Record and they both were able to share information that the patient could see – using shared health summaries and discharge summaries from Cairns hospital. Together they kept the patient at home, rather in hospital.

“You would not operate not knowing how your medical systems work – a computer is now a tool in medicine,” says Liz.

My Health Record is now the main patient record tool Liz uses. She has not used paper-based records for over a year. All her patients now use the healthi app on the phone.