A My Health Record for every Australian in 2018

“My Health Record is the future of medicine.”

Dr Michael Gannon, President, Australian Medical Association

To further improve the operation of the My Health Record system, the Australian Government announced a transition to an “opt out” model in 2018. This transition is the fastest way to realise the significant health and economic benefits of My Health Record for all Australians including through avoided hospital admissions, fewer adverse drug events, reduced duplication of tests, better coordination of care for people seeing multiple healthcare providers, and better informed treatment decisions.

We’re working hard to ensure that the My Health Record will be as useful and user-friendly as possible for patients and clinicians alike. Recent initiatives include:

Medicines View: Improved view of a consumer’s medicines information.

Pathology and diagnostic imaging content: Adding public and private pathology and diagnostic imaging information to consumer records.

Connecting all community pharmacies: Increased dispensed medications information to consumer records.

Improved provider registration and access: Streamlined My Health Record registration, removing the need for individual NASH certificates for provider portal access, and automated provision of My Health Record PKI organisation certificates.

Engagement strategy for specialists, allied and aged care: Increasing the engagement of specialist, allied and aged care provider sectors.

Improving use in hospitals: Education and training to increase awareness and viewing.

Consolidated call centre: Providing better customer service support.

The Australian government announced in May 2017 that it was moving the program from voluntary opt-in to voluntary opt-out. By the end of 2018, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian, unless an individual chooses not to have one.