Agency Webinar Series 2018

Why read the book when you can see the movie? Video webinars are a great way to deliver the key information that you need to get started in a new area.

With this in mind, the Agency is producing a series of My Health Record webinars directed primarily towards busy healthcare providers.

Three My Health Record webinars have already been released – an introduction, getting connected, and how to upload and view information. You can view the saved webinars at each of the above links. And there’s more to come.

On February 1st, we will host a webinar on privacy, security and patient consent, and a week later on February 8th we will follow that with a webinar on communicating with customers. If you wish to participate in any of these events, simply register through the website via the link on each page.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and learn something!