Health Minister Greg Hunt joins our consumer forum in Frankston

Agency CEO Tim Kelsey and Chief Medical Adviser, Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham hosted a forum at Frankston hospital – part of Peninsula Health in Victoria – with more than 20 local community members and healthcare providers, as well as Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chris Crewther, Member of Dunkley.

Pictured left to right: Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham with Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chris Crewther, Member for Dunkley.

Pictured: Local community members and healthcare providers with Chief Executive Tim Kelsey, Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham, Health Minister Greg Hunt, and Chris Crewther, Member for Dunkley.

The benefits of My Health Record and in particular the move to an opt-out system were enthusiastically discussed and Minister Hunt showed his 100% support for its success. Privacy issues were raised and Meredith went into great detail to inform the group about the consumers’ control of privacy through the various settings on the record, and also the benefits of having a conversation with your clinician to ask them to not put a document into the record. For information click here.

Minister Hunt stressed how My Health Record has useful clinical content available to patients and their health and care professionals – and confirmed the positive engagement the Agency has had with pathology, radiology and pharmacy providers among others.