Helping the developer community to innovate

Fostering innovation within the health ecosystem is a critical function of the Agency. We understand the need to support our broad range of stakeholders including clinicians, patients, researchers and members of our growing industry partners, be they early-stage entrepreneurs or large established software vendors.

A key remit for the innovation agenda within the Agency is to help developers to understand our products and services, and how to safely and securely implement great new ideas and solutions that integrate with the ecosystem, and work together to contribute to a more vibrant and dynamic digital health marketplace.

A fundamental element in this support is the provision of an updated Developer Centre, serving as the front door for developers who wish to understand the Australian Digital Health Agency’s products, tools, services and specifications.

Just as innovation never ceases, we will be incrementally improving the Developer Centre through 2018.

So what can you expect from the Centre over the coming year?

A single place to connect, learn and be inspired. The Developer Centre will bring the developer community and Agency together, facilitating easy access to information, support tools and dynamic communication.

Clear, understandable technical information. Resources pitched at your level, and tools that allow you to understand requirements and potential use cases to innovate using My Health Record and other digital health technologies.

Personalised, manageable and trackable support. Targeted proactive support and account management based on predictable response times, visible progress and personalised contact, using smart tools and self-service where necessary.

Planning for growth through product and service roadmaps. The Developer Centre will facilitate innovation with My Health Record through joint initiatives, predictable and clear processes along with visibility of the program roadmap. We will release roadmaps for products and services that let you plan your own product and service development, and engage with us on the journey through genuine co-design and co-production.

We will also be creating a range of online and offline events to support the community, including networking, technical briefings, hackathons and connectathons.

To help us improve the developer program and supporting services we are seeking your involvement to provide feedback and share your experiences to enable us to better understand the needs of this community.

So what are you waiting for? Visit, register and get started today!