Linking up with Allied Health

There are roughly 195,000 Allied health practitioners across 21 different professions in Australia including audiologists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, osteopaths, dietitians, occupational therapists and psychologists. Allied health practitioners and their professional associations are represented by Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA), the national voice for the professions that advocates for the role of allied health professionals in the health system.

For all their diversity, one thing we can say about most of these professions is there is a high degree of interaction between practitioners and their patients or clients, with an emphasis on prevention. Digital health technologies and the My Health Record have a lot to offer this sector. A key feature of the My Health Record is that it can empower the clients of allied health practitioners by enabling them to proactively engage with their healthcare. Moreover, as their clients typically interact with other specialists, this process can always be made safer and more secure through digital technologies.

To assist uptake of the My Health Record and other technologies, the Agency has formed the Allied Health Working Group with a wide range of allied health leaders. This working group is developing a communications plan to raise awareness amongst the professions, and also provides a source of expert advice on the digital health agenda.

Watch this space for more announcements in the near future!