Protect your healthcare consumers from the latest online threats

Digital technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives, both at work and at home. As a society, we have become accustomed to browsing the internet, sending emails and using social media. So much so, that we don’t always stop to consider the potential risks associated with use of this technology.

There’s no question that the benefits of digital technology are huge, particularly for the health sector. As stated in Australia’s National Digital Health strategy, “Digital information can transform the quality and sustainability of health and care. Used effectively, it can help save lives, improve health and wellbeing and support a sustainable health system that delivers safe, high quality and effective health services for all Australians.” However, to realise these benefits, we need to be vigilant to make sure we don’t fall victim to a security incident, such as a malicious software attack or an online scam.

Given that 91% of cyberattacks and the resulting data breach begin with a spear phishing email, it is important that we stop and consider the consequences before clicking on a link or attachment. To protect healthcare information, it’s also essential that we stop and think before we send emails, publish social media posts and use wireless networks.

The Australian Digital Health Agency has developed a range of social media tiles and posts that you can share across your social channels to help promote the message to ‘Think before you click’.

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