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Webinar • Clinical safety

Consistent data quality: ensuring clinical safety standards in general practice - a two part series (2/2)

Event details

The Australian Digital Health Agency is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion exploring ways in which general practice can implement and maintain high quality data standards.

This two-part webinar is targeted at General Practices (GPs, Practice Managers and Nursing staff) to improve understanding of the importance of high-quality health records.

Part 1 will highlight data quality issues and the implications for patient safety especially if inaccurate data is shared with other healthcare providers.

Part 2 will cover the importance of clinical coding and strategies for improving and maintaining quality data within local clinical information systems.

The panel will share insights and practical advice around processes which can be seamlessly embedded into routine practice to ensure high-quality health records are maintained to support the delivery of safe and effective patient care.

Panel Members:

  • Dr Peter Del Fante, GP, Adelaide SA
  • Patricia Rigg, Practice Manager, Sydney, NSW

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