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Webinar • Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions panel discussion - Token and Active Script List are now available

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The majority of Australians now have the choice to receive an electronic prescription instead of a paper one and will soon have the option to register for Active Script List (ASL).

ASL is a list of all active prescriptions and repeats available to be dispensed. In February 2021, the first-ever pharmacies began using ASL and its availability across community pharmacies will continue to increase from April 2021.

Join the Australian Digital Health Agency and guest panellists (Dr. David Adam, GP and Practice Technology and Management RACGP Expert Committee member & Regina Cowie, Pharmacist and National Health Services Manager, API) to learn more about the roll-out of ASL and how you can assist your patients’ access to medicines through various prescription management solutions that are becoming more widely available.

During this session, panellists will explain ASL registration process and discuss important information you need to share with your patients. We will explore how electronic prescriptions have introduced efficiencies to workflow and will explain how ASL fits in with other electronic prescription management solutions already available.

This session is an opportunity to ask any outstanding questions about electronic prescriptions.

This session is open to all general practice staff members (GPs, practice managers, nurses) and community pharmacy staff (pharmacists, dispensary technicians, interns and dispensary assistants).

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