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Webinar • Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions update for community pharmacies: the benefits of Active Script List

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Electronic prescriptions continue to remain a valuable component of healthcare delivery across Australia with more functions becoming available to patients and healthcare professionals who use them.

Join the Australian Digital Health Agency in this webinar to learn more about the new management options available to patients who take multiple medicines which simplify their experience of using electronic prescriptions, such as the Active Script List (ASL).

With over 70,000 patients now registered for ASL, we’ll be joined by a Pharmacist guest speaker who will share their experience of starting the conversation about ASL with patients. We will discuss the positive impact ASL can have on the pharmacy’s workflow as well as the benefits for patients who take part in registering for this new service, gaining additional convenience and flexibility to access their medicines.

Any questions about electronic prescriptions are welcome and will be answered during the session.

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