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Interactive session • Electronic prescriptions

ACT NOW! Your NASH certificate may be expiring

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In order for organisations to maintain access to important digital health tools such as electronic prescribing and My Health Record, they need to ensure that a current NASH PKI certificate is installed. NASH PKI certificates may be expiring in March 2022 for many organisations.

This session is designed to step you through the process of requesting and renewing a NASH PKI certificate for your organisation to ensure you can continue to use these digital health tools. It is recommended staff members acting in the role of Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) in your organisation attend the session as they are responsible for renewing NASH PKI certificates.

OMOs are also encouraged to check they can log into PRODA prior to attending, to ensure the demonstrated steps can be easily completed following the session. 

Multiple sessions available

If you are not able to attend in January - there are other sessions available.
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