City Centre Pharmacy
DispenserJohn Smith (Hospital Pharmacist)

Dispense Item

Dispense Item
Field Value
Therapeutic Good Identification Panafcortelone 5mg tablets, 60 tablets
Therapeutic Good Strength 5 mg
Therapeutic Good Generic Name Prednisolone
Additional Dispensed Item Description Tablets
Label Instruction Take FOUR tablets each morning for TWO days then take THREE tablets each morning for TWO days then review by GP
Form Tablets
Quantity Description 50 mg tablets, 30 tablets
Comment Review with Dr Black at Bodalla Clinic after four days.
Brand Substitution Occurred False
Number of this Dispense 2
Maximum Number of Repeats 2
Prescription Item Identifier ecab74e2-2813-42df-a743-9e2b51773f8e
DateTime of Dispense Event 22 Aug 2013 13:23+1000
Dispense Item Identifier f57f1bd6-964e-4a97-a7f2-20d63ed2442e

Administrative Observations

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Name Frank HARDING
Sex Male
Date of Birth 4 Oct 1949 (63y)
* Age is calculated from date of birth
IHI 8003 6086 6670 1594
Entitlements4950134041-1 (Medicare Benefits)
Work Place14 CCA Felix St, Salisbury, SA, 5006, Australia
Dispensing Organisation
Name City Centre Pharmacy
Work Place217 Long Point St, Avon Point, NSW, 2545, Australia
Phone0244759612 (Workplace)
Name John Smith (Hospital Pharmacist) (HPI-I: 8003612039904560)
Address Not Provided
Clinical Document Details
Document Type My Health Record Dispense Record
Creation Date/Time 22 Aug 2013 13:23+1000
Date/Time Attested 22 Aug 2013 13:23+1000
Document ID 2.25.39985122332633181356456240705571035169
Document Set ID 1d219531-2d22-4841-81ae-a844fe261235
Document Version 2
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