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Steven Issa

Steven Issa

Chief Digital Officer

Steven Issa is the Chief Digital Officer and is responsible for reviewing international experience and trends and local innovation to help set the national digital health agenda for the Australian health sector. In this role he provides a forward thinking approach to national digital health design and implementation, and alignment of technology across the Australian health sector to achieve the objectives of the National Digital Health Strategy and beyond.

Steven is an experienced senior executive with experience in a variety of public and private sector environments. He spent a large part of his career in technology and management consulting. He was a lecturer at the University of Sydney and, prior to joining the Agency, spent over four and half years as an executive at Service SNSW, having led the Service Centres across the state – a channel that brings together leading customer experience across digital, and face to face services.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Honours Class 1).

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