Assisted Registration using Zedmed software

Download the step-by-step guide for GPs and practice staff assisting patients to register for the My Health Record system using Zedmed.

Legislative changes around Assisted Registration

The requirements for providing assisted registration changed on 18 December 2015 so that organisations no longer need to retain assisted registration forms, however:

  • organisations are still required to provide an individual with the Essential Information prior to helping them to register for the My Health Record system;
  • organisations are still required to obtain an individual's consent to register with the My Health Record system and the individual's consent to healthcare providers uploading documents to their record;
  • organisations can choose to provide individuals with the application form to complete in order to collect the necessary information from the individual, however this is optional and should be securely destroyed when no longer needed to be kept by the organisation's record keeping requirements; and
  • if an organisation chooses to use the application form, the organisation is not required to send the form to the My Health Record System Operator.

Requirements for Assisted Registration

To offer Assisted Registration, your organisation must:

  • be registered to participate in the My Health Record system;
  • use clinical software which has Assisted Registration functionality (see software products using digital health) or install the standalone Assisted Registration Tool (more information on the My Health Record website);
  • update its My Health Record system policy to cover Assisted Registration practices as required under the My Health Records Rule 2016 (paragraph 42(4)(f));
  • have internet connectivity.

Please note: Software vendors are in the process of making any required changes to the assisted registration process in their software - the guide below has not yet been updated to reflect these changes.

Download: 'Guide to Assisted Registration using Zedmed software' PDF (464.19 kB)