Uploading Event Summaries

An Event Summary captures key health information about a significant healthcare event that is relevant to the ongoing care of the patient, e.g. indicating a clinical intervention, improvement in a condition, or treatment that has been started or completed.

Event summaries are used by healthcare providers who are not the patient's regular provider / Nominated Healthcare Provider. They can be created and uploaded by any healthcare provider with a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) who is working at a participating healthcare organisation and involved in the patient care.

An event summary may contain:

  • allergies and adverse reactions
  • medicines
  • diagnoses
  • interventions
  • immunisations
  • diagnostic investigations.

Each software vendor has their own 'look and feel' for how to go about creating an Event Summary, but the actual document itself is the same regardless of the software product used to create it.

Additional Information


Click on the demonstration button below to see how to upload an event summary: