How to use the My Health Record system


This user guidance is intended primarily for medical practices, i.e. general practices and those of private specialists, especially:

  • Practice principals/owners, practice managers (including managers for quality and governance) and staff of medical practices who plan to upgrade their Desktop Software to a version that supports new digital health functionality as it is released; and
  • Primary Health Networks (PHNs) (and where relevant Divisions of General Practice), Colleges and other organisations that provide support to medical practices in the implementation and use of digital health.

In the interests of providing relevant and useful information for practices implementing digital health, examples and evidence for topics and recommendations are included that are generally applicable for both types of medical practices.

Practices of other healthcare professionals, e.g. allied health and in aged and community care, may also find this guidance useful in increasing their understanding and in planning, implementing and using digital health.

Downloading Patient Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs)

Downloading connects your local patient record with the unique patient number (IHI) held by Medicare, and only needs to be done once. You may have already downloaded an IHI when testing that the HI Service worked with your software.

Downloading Patient Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHIs)

Viewing a My Health Record

Medical practitioners who decide to use the My Health Record system are free to apply their clinical judgement to determine when and how they will use the system.

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Uploading a Shared Health Summary

The Shared Health Summary (SHS) represents the patient's status at a point in time. The structure of a patient's SHS is underpinned by the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners (RACGP's) template for a GP health summary.

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Uploading an Event Summary

An Event Summary captures key health information about significant healthcare events that are relevant to the ongoing care of an individual, for example to indicate a clinical intervention, improvement in a condition or that a treatment has been started or completed.

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Uploading Prescriptions to the My Health Record

Healthcare providers who use clinical software to prescribe and dispense medicines can also upload a copy of this information directly to a patient's My Health Record.

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Assisting Patients to Register for a My Health Record

Organisations that have registered to use the My Health Record system can also assist in registering their patients for a My Health Record.

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Data Cleansing and Clinical Coding

This information is relevant to general practices taking part in the Practice Incentives Program (PIP), which is aimed at supporting general practice activities that encourage continuing improvements and quality care, enhance capacity, and improve access and health outcomes for patients.

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