Assisting patients to register for a My Health Record

Organisations that have registered to use the My Health Record system can also assist in registering their patients for a My Health Record.

Offering assisted registration is voluntary, but by registering your patients, your organisation will immediately be able to upload their clinical information and start seeing the benefits of the My Health Record system.

The Assisted Registration: A guide for Healthcare Provider Organisations provides important information for organisations who wish to register their patients. Some key points are highlighted below.

Legislative changes around Assisted Registration

The requirements for providing assisted registration changed on 18 December 2015 so that organisations no longer need to retain assisted registration forms, however:

  • organisations are still required to provide an individual with the Essential Information prior to helping them to register for the My Health Record system;
  • organisations are still required to obtain an individual's consent to register with the My Health Record system and the individual's consent to healthcare providers uploading documents to their record;
  • organisations can choose to provide individuals with the application form to complete in order to collect the necessary information from the individual, however this is optional and should be securely destroyed when no longer needed to be kept by the organisation's record keeping requirements; and
  • if an organisation chooses to use the application form, the organisation is not required to send the form to the My Health Record System Operator.

Requirements for Assisted Registration

To offer Assisted Registration your organisation must:

  • be registered to participate in the My Health Record system;
  • use clinical software which has Assisted Registration functionality (see software products using digital health) or install the standalone Assisted Registration Tool (more information on the My Health Record website);
  • update its My Health Record system policy to cover Assisted Registration practices as required under the My Health Records Rule 2016 (paragraph 42(4)(f));
  • have internet connectivity.

One way to assisting patients to register for the My Health Record system is through your clinical software. To check if your clinical software offers assisted registration, visit software using digital health.

If your clinical software offers assisted registration, you can familiarise yourself with how to use it by accessing our software demonstrations.

If your clinical software does not offer assisted registration, your organisation can still offer assisted registration to your patients by obtaining the Assisted Registration Tool. To obtain the Assisted Registration Tool your organisation's Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) or Responsible Officer (RO) needs to send an email to [email protected] and provide their full name, email address, contact phone number and the organisation's name and HPI-O certificate details.

Assisting a patient to register

After meeting the requirements for assisted registration, there are five steps to register a patient for a My Health Record. Visit My Health Record Assisted Registration to learn more.

Assisted Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Which patients can an organisation offer assisted registration to?

An organisation can offer assisted registration to a person who is 14 years or older, and/or to someone with parental responsibility of a minor who wishes to register that minor. You cannot offer assisted registration to any adult who does not have capacity to consent for themselves, or who is acting on behalf of an adult in their care. These patients will need to register via a different channel, such as in person or by post.

Who in the organisation can offer assisted registration?

An authorised employee of the organisation can offer assisted registration. This is a staff member in your organisation who has received training and been authorised by your organisation to provide assisted registration to individuals.

This may well be your administration or reception staff.

Before your organisation begins providing assisted registration it must develop and implement a policy which addresses how your organisation will train and authorise staff members.

How else can an individual register for a My Health Record?

Assisted registration is offered through a number of channels. Individuals can register:

Additional Assisted Registration FAQs are available on the website.