Maintaining digital health in your practice

Once your organisation has completed the registration and set-up steps to connect to the My Health Record system, your organisation will be able to start using the My Health Record system features available in your clinical software. The benefits of digital health for both your organisation and patients will be seen after sustained use of the My Health Record system; so it is important to find ways to incorporate use in your daily activities.

There are a range of actions for you to consider:

  • Promote your practice as being capable of connecting with other healthcare providers who also advocate digital health for the benefit of their patients;
  • Talk to your patients about digital health and encourage them to sign-up and show them how to be more involved in their own care;
  • Ensure your practice’s clinicians and staff have a high awareness of digital health and use the My Health Record system in their interactions with patients and other healthcare providers.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the My Health Record system with your clinical software:

Patient Consent

In registering for a digital health record, patients provide a "standing consent" for all healthcare organisations involved in their care to upload clinical information to their record.

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Privacy and Security

All healthcare providers in Australia have professional and legal obligations to protect their patients' health information. Establishing and maintaining information security practices is an essential professional and legal requirement for using digital health in the delivery of healthcare.

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NASH Organisation Certificate Tracker

The NASH Organisation Certificate Tracker (Certificate Tracker) helps healthcare provider organisations ensure ongoing connectivity to the My Health Record system.

Learn more about NASH Organisation Certificate Tracker

Clinical Incident Reporting

All healthcare systems, including the My Health Record system and other digital health products, require careful monitoring to ensure that potential clinical incidents are identified and addressed.

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Managing your organisation's digital health information

This information is intended to give Organisation Maintenance Officers (OMOs) or Responsible Officers (ROs) guidance on the types of tasks they should perform to manage their organisation's details and involvement with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.

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Promote your organisation

To see the benefits of digital health in your organisation, you need to let your clients and other healthcare providers know that you are using digital health products, including the My Health Record system.

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Patient Access Controls

Individuals have a number of mechanisms available to them to manage the content of, and to control access to, their and/or their dependent's My Health Record(s).

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My Health Record system participation obligations

A healthcare organisation that is participating in the My Health Record system is required to comply with a range of obligations set out under the legislation.

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