Clinical Incident Reporting

What are clinical incidents?

All healthcare systems, including the My Health Record system and other digital health products, require careful monitoring to ensure that potential clinical incidents are identified and addressed.

A clinical incident is defined by ACSQHC as "an event or circumstance that resulted, or could have resulted, in unintended and/or unnecessary harm to a person and/or a complaint, loss or damage". A clinical incident can be related to safety, usability, technical, privacy and/ or security issues.

The incident may relate to the My Health Record system directly, or the behaviour of clinical software when interacting with the My Health Record system.

How are clinical incidents managed?

Users should report clinical incidents so the incident can be addressed and improvements made as needed. If you identify what you think is a clinical incident:

  1. Call your software vendor to see if the issue can be resolved locally; and if not,
  2. Notify the appropriate party of the clinical incident, using the contact details in the table below. If you do not know the appropriate party, call the My Health Record system helpline 1800 723 471 and select option two (provider enquiries).
Organisation Contact Details
Issue with... Contact...
Local clinical software system Software vendor's helpdesk
My Health Record system The My Health Record System Operator (the Agency)
Healthcare Identifiers Service HI Service Enquiry Line - Phone: 1300 361 457
PKI certificates For Medicare certificates: the Department of Human Services eBusiness Service Centre - Phone: 1800 700 199
Data privacy breaches Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Other enabling products and services, e.g. National Clinical Terminology Information Service (AMT, SNOMED-CT-AU) Email: [email protected]
Technical specifications Help Centre - Email: [email protected]

My Health Record system usability in your software

There has been a recent focus on improving the usability of the My Health Record system, through clinical software products. A number of changes have already been identified and are being updated by software vendors.

To find out more and provide your own feedback, see Usability Improvements.