Managing your organisation's digital health information

This information is intended to give Organisation Maintenance Officers (OMOs) or Responsible Officers (ROs) guidance on the types of tasks they should perform to manage their organisation's details and involvement with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service. This list is not exhaustive and some activities may not apply to your organisation; equally, you may wish to add to the activities listed.

*These activities can be done via Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

Staff Management Activities – Change of Staff

New Reception / Administration Staff
  • Train new staff in retrieval of patient healthcare identifiers (IHIs).
  • Train new staff in assisted registration process.
  • Educate new staff about access levels to the My Health Record system appropriate to their role.
  • Record training of new staff in training log.
  • Record level of authorised access of new staff on user log.
  • Provide new staff with the organisation's My Health Record system policy and inform storage location of policy.
New Clinical Staff (Pharmacists, GPs, Nurses and Allied Health)
  • Check if new GP / nurse are listed on the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) by doing a search on the HPD for an individual. If they are not listed ask them to complete the form and send on to Medicare. If they are already on the directory, retrieve the HPI-I number.*
  • Link new GPs / nurses HPI-I number to practice HPI-O.*
  • Put HPI-I number in clinical software user account.
  • Train new GPs / nurses in upload of Shared Health Summary and Event Summary.
  • Record My Health Record training on staff training log.
  • Record level of authorised access for each staff member on authorised access log.
  • Provide with organisation's My Health Record policy inform storage location of policy.
  • Ensure the personal contact details of clinical staff are not recorded in the Clinical Information System
Staff Leaving the Practice
  • Retire clinical software user log in.
  • Remove link between the clinician's HPI-I and the practice HPI-O in the HI service on HPOS.*

Other HI Service Administrative Tasks Role Responsibilities

Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) Tasks
  • Edit organisation contact and address details in HI Service if required.*
  • Notify a change of ownership.
  • Nominate a new OMO in HPOS or by completing the form.*
  • Change the name of an organisation.
  • Add a new organisation to the existing one- e.g. new branch office.
  • Edit organisation entry on Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).*
Responsible Officer (RO) Tasks
  • Create a new RO
  • Deactivate practice
  • Amend RO details or set up a new RO.*