Advance Care Document Custodian v1.1.1

EP-2662:2018 Advance Care Document Custodian v1.1.1
Continuity of Care
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Advance care documents let individuals make choices about their future medical treatment in the event that they are cognitively impaired or otherwise unable to make their preferences known. Currently, a completed directive is kept in a safe place, with a designated custodian controlling access to it. Advance care document custodian documents can be used to capture information about the custodian of the individual’s advance care directive. Such documents do not contain the advance care directive itself.

This end product was previously called Advance Care Directive Custodian.

Product Components of Advance Care Document Custodian v1.1.1

Product Components of Advance Care Document Custodian v1.1.1
Identifier Name Date
NEHTA-0947:2011 Advance Care Directive - CDA Implementation Guide Plus Addendum v1.0 09-12-2011
NEHTA-0945:2011 Advance Care Directive Custodian Link - Executive Summary v1.0 21-11-2011
NEHTA-0943:2011 Advance Care Directive Custodian Record - Structured Content Specification v1.0 09-12-2011
NEHTA-0944:2011 Advance Care Directive Record - Information Requirements v1.0 12-12-2011
NEHTA-2279:2016 Advance Care Document Custodian - My Health Record Conformance Profile v1.0 19-05-2016
DH-2664:2018 Advance Care Document Custodian - Release Note v1.1.1 01-08-2018
DH-2663:2018 Advance Care Document Custodian - Template Package Library v1.1.1 01-08-2018