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Connecting Australia to a healthier future

The need for a connected healthcare system is greater than ever – one that’s accessible, progressive and secure.

Digital health has become a vital part of a modern, accessible healthcare system designed to meet the needs of all Australians.

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Digital health services

The new my health app

A secure and convenient way to access My Health Record

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My Health Record

When you need access to your key health information like medicines, pathology results and more, you can easily view it on your mobile using the my health app. With your information secure and in one place, you and your healthcare team will have a more complete view of your overall well-being. Get help with the steps needed to link My Health Record.

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What is digital health?

We have one of the best healthcare systems, but there are still opportunities for improvement. Better use of technology can help improve the healthcare system for providers and help people live healthier lives, with greater control and better access to their information.

Progress is being made to connect Australia to better healthcare with My Health Record, electronic prescriptions, and telehealth.

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Healthcare that knows and understands you

Having a more complete picture of your health can help your healthcare providers make more informed decisions about your wellbeing. Through a connected healthcare system, your doctors can deliver treatment that's safer and more personalised.

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Healthcare for today's challenges

Managing your health isn't always as simple as just popping into a doctor's practice. For those in regional areas, a check-up may require a day-long car trip. Digital health is connecting Australia to a healthier future by connecting you to better healthcare. 

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Asking the big questions

What is an electronic prescription?

What is an electronic prescription?

Electronic prescriptions are a convenient alternative to paper prescriptions. During your consultation your doctor will send your electronic prescription to you as an SMS or an email. So you can focus on your health, not your filing.

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What are the benefits of telehealth?

What are the benefits of telehealth?

Whether it’s because of COVID-19, a pounding headache or anxiety, sometimes you just can't leave the house. Thankfully, you can now chat to many healthcare providers from the comfort of your couch. To have a telehealth consultation, all you need to do is make a phone or video call. 

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What is My Health Record?

What is My Health Record?

Your record is a secure place to store your important health information. You decide what to add to your record and who can access it – putting you in control. Best of all, your record is available wherever you go, whenever you need it. Want to access your record now? You sure can.

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How are people using My Health Record?

How are people using My Health Record?

Every day more Australians, doctors, specialists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers are realising the benefits of securely storing vital health information in My Health Record. See the latest statistics that show how people and organisations are using My Health Record.

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How can technology improve my health?

How can technology improve my health?

Technology can help you get the healthcare you need, on your terms. For example, you can chat to a doctor over the phone with a telehealth consultation. You can get a prescription sent as an SMS or email. And you can store your vital health information online for access anywhere, any time.

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