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Group photo of ADHA Graduates in 2023

Graduate program

If you're looking for a career that means so much to so many, join our team of innovators. Bring fresh perspectives, challenge the status quo and be the change agents in digital health.

About our graduate program

Our APS graduate program, which kicked off in 2023, is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your analytical skills and make data-driven decisions. You'll get to experience various roles within the Agency throughout the year, and then you get to decide what area best fits you and your career.

Now in its second year, the program is designed to fast-track your learning journey. So, are you ready to step up and be part of the next generation of digital health custodians? Let's get started!

The graduate program aims to:

  • Develop a 12-month journey:
    Offering young professionals the opportunity to work across a variety of roles within the Agency, providing a holistic view of the Agency and the wider APS network.
  • Cultivate Talent:
    By providing mentorship and hands-on experience, we nurture the next generation of digital health innovators.
  • Build a community:
    Both within the Agency and the wider APS.

What we offer

During the 12-month graduate development program, you'll get the chance to undertake rotations at the APS4 level, where you'll be able to build your project and program management capabilities. As you contribute to real-world projects, you’ll enhance the knowledge and capabilities you began developing during your degree.

Work on real, relevant, and practical projects. Collaborate with expert stakeholders, learn from dedicated supervisors and mentors, and explore diverse areas within the Digital Health Landscape. You’ll engage with policies that directly impact the public, offer advice, support, and guidance – contributing to important decisions and work across various business areas aligned with your degree.

As part of the Australian Government Graduate Pathways, you'll simultaneously participate in both the government-wide graduate development program and the Agency’s own tailored Graduate Development Program. This unique dual engagement ensures you receive comprehensive training and exposure.

Upon successful completion of the program, you'll be well-prepared to transition to the APS5 level. The Agency’s Graduate Development Program equips you with the skills needed to excel in your role and make a meaningful impact. We have a very strong focus on ensuring you’re set up for a long career with us, with clear lines of career progression.

The program also includes training to build your foundational knowledge of the Australian Public Service (APS) and government systems. You'll gain insights into the workings of public administration and policy.

Who we are looking for

If you're a recent graduate with a passion for making a difference, our 2025 Graduate Program is the perfect opportunity to launch your career in digital health.

Is the graduate program right for you?

Do you:

  • Feel inspired at the idea of innovative teamwork focused on problem solving?
  • Aspire to work alongside experts from diverse backgrounds – healthcare professionals, technology innovators, academics, consumer advocates doing meaningful and compelling work that makes a difference?
  • Have career goals that could benefit from learning in a collaborative and dynamic workplace?

If you answered yes, then this might be the graduate program for you!

At the Agency, we offer all this and more – including competitive salaries, excellent superannuation, and above all, a safe and respectful workplace.

Graduate streams

Group photo of ADHA Graduates in 2023

We're committed to making sure you get exposure to meaningful projects and gain the expertise you're interested in developing. We work collaboratively with other APS agencies to recruit talented individuals through other specialty graduate and entry-level programs organised by streams. These streams are co-ordinated by the Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) and offer several rotations with a range of opportunities available across multiple disciplines and locations.

Don't worry if you think your degree doesn't perfectly align with a stream. We believe in tailoring opportunities to suit your studies and expertise.

Check out the topics below to learn more about each stream.

Digital Stream

In the digital stream, you will work on tasks that range from routine to bespoke – you might implement cyber security measures one day, then building innovative solutions that deliver easy-to-use digital health services the next. Whether your expertise lies in technical problem solving, analytics, or digital design and development, there's an opportunity to suit your skills, experience, and interests.

View stream details and apply

Data Stream

You will complete 3-4 rotations throughout our dedicated Data branches, gaining exposure in areas like data governance, statistics, data analysis, data engineering, and informatics architecture. Your work will align with the Data Stream, allowing you to gain practical experience within your division. As you contribute to real-world projects, you'll enhance your knowledge and capabilities.

View stream details and apply

Human Resources Stream

Whether your passion or expertise lies in recruitment, learning and development, workplace health and safety, diversity and inclusion, or policy, the Human Resources stream has something to suit you. Your work will range from administration duties, such as updating personnel records and conducting pay reviews to more complex HR tasks. The aim is to enrich your understanding of HR management, labour trends, and business ethics.

View stream details and apply

Legal Stream

As a legal graduate, you’ll be exposed to practical work that focuses on real-world projects that help enhance knowledge and capabilities gained in tertiary education. You'll work on areas like Legal Policy Advice, Statutory Interpretation, and Freedom of Information. We’re committed to making sure you get exposure to meaningful projects and gain the skills you’re interested in developing.

View stream details and apply

Generalist Stream

As a Generalist Graduate, you'll be exposed to real, relevant and practical work with a focus on building your project and program management capabilities. You’ll engage with policies that directly impact the public, working across various business areas aligned with your degree. Tasks include analysis, project management, and more. As you contribute to real-world projects, you'll enhance the knowledge and capabilities developed during your degree.

View stream details and apply

Indigenous Graduate Pathway

As an Indigenous Pathways Graduate, you'll work directly with real, relevant, and practical programs that will enrich your experience with us, with a focus on building you capabilities you gained in your degree. You'll engage with work that directly impacts the public, offer advice, support, and guidance, contributing to important decisions, solutions and policies across various business areas.

This program provides entry into several participating Australian Government agencies actively seeking a diverse range of skills and abilities. By applying once, your application will be assessed for all participating agencies. No need to complete multiple applications for different agencies.

View pathways program and apply

Hear what our graduates have to say!

Headshot of Emily, a graduate in 2023

"The Australian Digital Health Agency has made me feel incredibly welcome and supported, through an orientation week that brought graduates from across Australia together to learn about the Agency, its objectives and each other. This included meeting our Agency’s executive, partaking in professional development sessions and receiving a thorough introduction to the Agency’s work and scope. A key benefit of the Agency’s graduate program has included mentoring, with intentional times to learn how to be the best mentee and gain the most out of my mentoring experience. The Agency has been a great place to combine passions and interests into work as I interact with policy, health and data."

-    Emily, 2023 graduate
Headshot of Sabbir, a graduate in 2023

"The graduate program at the Australian Digital Health Agency has provided me with a unique and engaging experience. We were given the opportunity to work on different projects and initiatives, supported with background knowledge and practical experience. The ADHA also places a strong emphasis on professional development, with graduates receiving ongoing training and support to help them progress in careers."

-    Sabbir, 2023 graduate


Headshot of Georgia, a graduate in 2023

"The Australian Digital Health Agency generalist graduate program is a great opportunity for recent graduates, and is tailor-made to suit each graduates’ interests, encourage their learning and support their ongoing career development. Being at the Agency has given me great insight into how they are supporting a digitally innovative and world class healthcare system."

-    Georgia, 2023 graduate

Learn more about graduate streams

Visit the APS Jobs Career Pathways website to find out more. If you apply, make sure you nominate the Australian Digital Health Agency as your preferred agency for your chance to join us!

See all Australian Government graduate program streams