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Better access to SNOMED CT-AU and AMT resources

Published 12 February 2014

License holders accessing the National Clinical Terminology and Information Service (NCTIS) will find it quicker and easier to obtain information following the migration of the NCTIS website to the NEHTA public website. The new single entry point means stakeholders will have better access to SNOMED CT-AU and AMT resources and associated information on licensing, guides and tools.

The NCTIS is responsible for managing, developing and distributing terminology to support the eHealth requirements of the Australian healthcare community.  

SNOMED CT-AU and the AMT are available for eHealth software developers to use in their Australian products. Licensing arrangements are administered by NEHTA. Access to release files is available to those holding both of these current license agreements:

  • SNOMED CT Affiliate License Agreement; and
  • Australian National Terminology Release Licence Agreement to provide access to extensions and derivatives supplied by NEHTA.

NEHTA have migrated all currently registered license holders to the NEHTA public website registered members area. If you are a current registered license holder, please click on the following link below to reset your password for the NEHTA public website:


Once your password has been reset, you will receive a follow-up notification from NEHTA and if required, be able to further edit your profile details and login using your email address and password:


Available Releases:

  • Download AMT Releases

The AMT Release v2.53 is scheduled for 28 February 2014 and will be accessible from the same location.

The NCTIS development relies on the input and cooperation of the Australian healthcare community. We value your feedback and encourage questions, comments or suggestions about our products. 

For downloads and more information please visit:

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