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Communities of Excellence

Improving health and wellbeing through connected digital health communities in rural and remote areas across Australia.


Learning from each other

The aim of the program is to use learnings from participating communities to create a toolkit that can be used by other similar communities to improve the health and wellbeing of the people who live there.

Username: CoE
Password: digitalhealth

Access the toolkit

    Emerald COE DSC00054

    Five key focus areas

    • Connecting the community’s healthcare providers to My Health Record
    • Supporting the expansion and availability of telehealth across all areas of healthcare
    • Increasing awareness and use of secure messaging for the exchange of clinical information across different care settings
    • Enabling the use of electronic prescriptions in general practices and pharmacies
    • Building digital health literacy and participation among healthcare providers, patients and their families
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    Participating communities

    There are currently three Communities of Excellence. 

    Emerald in Queensland and Hedland in Western Australia were foundation communities, having been a part of this initiative since 2019. More recently, East Arnhem in the Northern Territory was added.

    Learn more about each community