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Emerald train station

Delivering connected healthcare for Emerald, Queensland

Emerald is located 275 km west of Rockhampton and 920 km northwest of Brisbane. Accessing specialist healthcare is not always easy, making it the perfect community to benefit from digital health.

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Learn more about the project

To find out more or to be involved, please contact your local Emerald support team at [email protected]

Expanding awareness of My Health Record

For individuals, the program has helped them understand the vital role My Health Record can play in safely and securely managing their ongoing health needs. It is also increasing digital literacy to help everyone confidently navigate their own healthcare journey.

Learn more about My Health Record

Learn more about the project

Primary healthcare providers: If you’re a primary care healthcare provider (general practice, community pharmacy, private specialist practice, allied health, private pathology and diagnostic imaging or aged care) and would like to know more about the Emerald Community of Excellence Project or digital health technologies such as My Health Record, please contact [email protected]

Queensland Health providers: If you’re a healthcare provider at Emerald Hospital, please contact [email protected]

Expanding awareness of My Health Record

For healthcare providers, we’ve developed local clinical case studies demonstrating how My Health Record has helped deliver the most value to the communities, including enhanced continuity of care and support for telehealth services.

Learn more about My Health Record

Free online training modules

The Agency provides free online training for healthcare providers to learn more about using and accessing My Health Record.

The online courses are broken into individual modules which allow the learner to exit and resume later, where they left off.

All training is developed in collaboration with clinical peak bodies and experts in their field, to ensure clinical authenticity and that it matches appropriate workflows.

Assessment is designed with CPD in mind and many courses are endorsed and accredited by peak professional bodies.

Create an account and pick the modules you’re interested in.

About Emerald

As a key hub for numerous industries within Central Queensland, including mining and agriculture, Emerald needs to provide a range of health services for a diverse population. 

Emerald has a population of 14,000 and has the following health providers. The aim is to connect them all to digital health.

  • 1 hospital
  • 5 general practices
  • 4 pharmacies
  • 12 specialists
  • 25 allied health providers, including mental health, physiotherapy and optometry services
  • 5 diagnostic imaging and pathology services

See how the people of Emerald are benefiting from digital health


What the project will achieve

  • All healthcare providers registered and connected to My Health Record
  • Regular viewing and uploading of clinical documents
  • Increasing meaningful use of digital health technologies
  • Adding value to clinical practice, improved continuity of care and decision support

Community participants

  • Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network
  • Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine
  • Allied Health Professions Australia
  • Central Highlands Regional Council
  • Queensland Government
  • Australian Library and Information Association

Dr Ewan McPhee on ABC Capricornia Radio

In 2020, Dr Ewan McPhee was the President of the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine, as well as a local Emerald resident and a strong advocate for connected healthcare services. In this interview, he discusses the benefits of being part of a connected healthcare system. 


A strategy for all Australians

Communities of Excellence is part of the Enhanced Models of Care priority in Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy, which was agreed by all states and territories in 2017.

The program is a collaboration between local communities, governments, organisations and healthcare providers. The learnings will be used to create a nationally scalable toolkit that can be used to facilitate the adoption of digital heath technologies by other communities across the country. 

Learn about the National Digital Health Strategy

Local success stories

How Kendal is keeping connected through digital health

Family is critical for Kendal, but so is her health. After relocating back to her hometown of Emerald to be closer to family – and hopefully raise one of her own – she’s using telehealth services and My Health Record to stay connected to her specialists. And it’s delivering great results. 

How Andrew is staying on top of his health

To say Andrew has had a few ups and downs is an understatement. With a day job as a horse farrier and a passion for rodeos, he has a list of injuries longer than his lasso. As Andrew’s doctor explains, having a detailed medical history on hand can be critical in helping get someone like Andrew back on his feet. And that’s where My Health Record helps.

Wherever Sue and Dave Leyland go, their health information goes

When Sue and Dave Leyland aren’t keeping the locals fed in their Emerald restaurants, they’re on the road looking for adventure with their trusty caravan. But the one constant is knowing their important health information is always with them.