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Residential aged care

Supporting residential aged care residents and their healthcare teams.

When digital health services are connected, healthcare providers and authorised residential aged care staff have immediate access to a resident’s key health information.

This connected healthcare will support aged care facilities and means their residents can receive better continuity of care.

Watch this video to find out more about the benefits of digital health in residential aged care.

Digital health services available to aged care facilities and their residents

My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of key patient health information. In an aged care setting, authorised healthcare teams can access a resident’s record to view and add information. The benefits include immediate access to a resident’s key health information between facilities, such as:

  • Shared health summary 
  • Discharge summaries 
  • Prescription and dispense records
  • Transfer of care
  • Vaccination and immunisation information
  • Pathology and radiology results
  • Advance care planning document/s
  • Validation and verification of clinical information
  • Avoid duplication of tests and diagnostic imaging
  • Improve continuity of care.
Electronic prescriptions and Active Script List

Electronic prescriptions are digital versions of paper prescriptions and can be managed by using an Active Script List.

Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC)

eNRMC supports the delivery of appropriate care for people within residential aged care facilities by ordering medicine and providing a record of administration that can be documented and used to help communicate information consistently between health professionals and aged care staff about the intended use of medicines for an aged care resident.

Pharmacist Shared Medicines List

A list of medicines a patient may be taking, created by a pharmacist or hospital pharmacy.


Telehealth is having a consultation with a healthcare provider by phone or video call.

Many GPs, specialists and other healthcare providers now offer a telehealth consultation when a physical examination isn’t necessary. It’s not intended to replace essential visits to the doctor, but rather be a convenient solution when you can’t see a doctor face to face. 

Benefits of connected care

  • Reduce time spent accessing health history
  • Streamline information into one secure location
  • Improve continuity of care
  • Save time in an emergency.

Connecting facilities

Tailored one-on-one support is available for all residential aged care facilities wishing to connect to the My Health Record system.

If you’re interested in connecting your residential aged care facility, email [email protected]

The Agency provides online resources for residential aged care facilities, including e-learning modules, webinars and training simulators.

Software product conformance

See which software products are conformant with My Health Record.

If your facility or organisation uses these software products, please contact them for information about when the upgraded changes will be available to you.

Initiatives are underway to partner directly with software developers to ensure their software products for the aged care sector are conformant with My Health Record. This is so that more products that support clinical information and medication management can be connected. 

Digital health literacy 

Better connected healthcare for Australians can be achieved through uptake and adoption of technology. Support is available by:  

  • building digital health capability across the health and aged care workforce, delivered through the National Digital Health Capability Action Plan
  • evolving health and care to meet the needs of modern Australia under the National Digital Health Strategy
  • improving access to clinical advice for aged care residents through telehealth initiatives
  • supporting the aged care workforce through resources and training. Please navigate to ‘aged care’ under the heading ‘your areas of practice’.  

Resources and support material

My Health Record Readiness Toolkit (ACCPA)

Download the Toolkit (PDF)
Download the Toolkit (PDF)

My Health Record in aged care pre-recorded webinar

Watch pre-recorded webinar now
Watch pre-recorded webinar now

Register for My Health Record webinar

My Health Record - supporting safety, quality and better care in Residential Aged Care facilities
My Health Record - supporting safety, quality and better care in Residential Ag…